Open Muziektheaterperformance 'The Making Of The Storm'

7 november 2020, 14:00 uur - 17:00 uur
Open Muziektheaterperformance 'The Making Of The Storm'
Locatie: Factorium Theater, Koningsplein 11a, 5038 WG, Tilburg

Ever wonder what happens inside a music studio? Or, how one builds a song. What comes first, the music or the lyrics? How do you know when to add some reverb, to bump up the bass, what do you do when it all just sounds a bit muddy?

On Sunday November 7th, 2021 rapper/writer Aristoteles Mendes will present his musical theatre piece, ‘The Making of The Storm’.

Come watch Aristoteles along with artist/producer Kenzo Alvares (Nieuwegein) inside a mock studio built on the podium inside the Factorium Theatre in Tilburg as they build the song ‘The Storm’ LIVE during a three hour open performance.


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