Mark Sheats

3 september 2021
Mark Sheats
Categorie: Urbanhouse

Mark Sheats, better known as ‘Brui5er’ all the way from Atlanta, Georgia USA and is currently based in the Netherlands.

Bui5er is a teacher, dancer, mentor/coach and a choreographer who considers himself a ‘Movement Artist’ who has worked in more than ten countries. He is a member of two world Krump groups, ‘Straight Krump’ and ‘Dragon House’ with appearances on World of Dance, the tv show America’s Best Dance Crew, Step Up Highwater and more. In addition, he is the owner of  ‘Bruised and Brave’.

Currently Brui5er is also teaching his weekly classes at HipHopHuis- Rotterdam and is working as an active member of the Company ‘Amenti Movemeant’ Collective.

He will be teaching a masterclass on November 8th.

Monday November 8, 2021
15 euro


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