Terugblik: The making of The Storm

20 april 2022
Terugblik: The making of The Storm
Categorie: Factorium, Urbanhouse

A storm can be defined in many ways, but when it comes, it comes.

On March 19th, inside the Factorium Theatre in Tilburg, artist Aristoteles Mendes and creative producer Leanne Carlisle along with Amsterdam producers Mitchell Yard and Pasquinel Añes conjured up a storm
not soon to be forgotten. They began inside their made for the podium studio where in random cooperation from the audience they re-produced the single “The Storm”. With the original composition credit going to Kenzo Alvarez and Aristoteles they introduced professional saxophonist Fábio Almeida and backup rapper Mr Ethos into the mix. WOW!!

Thunderbolt and Lighting, very very exciting, Aristoteles… Magnifico o o o o!!

Stay tuned for the after-movie from “The Making of The Storm” by Jinzen Visuals and the re-lease of the single coming out soon. 

Check this video in the meantime!

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