Acting and dancing classes for students / English spoken

In coorperation with International Student Association Tilburg (ISAT) Factorium presents new acting and dancing classes for students! 

Never played before but feel the jitters to make your voice sound, to stand in front of a group and to play something unforgettable as if you were Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone him / herself? This theatercourse will not immediately bring you an Oscar, but it is for sure a very enjoyable and educational experience. Not at the least because you'll make new connections with students from all over the world.

In the classes you'll learn about the principles of acting: how to use your voice and body, how to deal with texts and how to present to a group. You also learn to improvise and play short scenes. How do you make something funny or moving? And how do you keep your peace and spontaneity in your acting? The lessons conclude with a presentation for a small audience. In addition, you and the group will also visit a performance at one of the theatres in Tilburg. Your teacher will inform you about this.

Come and dance and indulge yourself to music. You learn the right moves to make the flash on the dance floor for the rest of your life. For men & women. Do not hesitate! Take your friend, neighbor boy, study companion. You won’t regret.

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Acting and dancing classes for students / English spoken

Acting and dancing classes for students / English spoken

Factorium hoofdgebouw, Koningsplein 11A, 5038 WG, Tilburg
Maandag (20:00 - 21:30 uur)
90 min.
Gegam Soghomonyan
Aantal lessen
10 lessen
18 - 25 Jaar
10 februari 2020
11 mei 2020
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