Urban House Drop-In Classes


WAACKING classes by Anna Tafel 
Monday's 20:00 - 21:15


Waacking is a dance form originating from the Punk style inside the LBGT clubs in Los Angeles, USA in the time of Disco. Mainly recognizable through striking a pose (facial expressions), personal style-express yourself (dress styles), characterization and arm rotations. Inside this dance form you will see influences from other dance forms like Jazz or Locking with even hints of martial arts and gymnastics. Many dancers go on to become members of a House with a Mother.
You’ve come a long way baby!! 


Anna Tafel is a German Waacker and has been trained in several different dance styles. She is currently a student at Fontys Dansacademie and calls Tilburg her “homebase”.  

She is an official member of the crew ‘Mānuka Waackingflowers’ where she has been personally trained by Yeliz Mānuka.  

Quote from the Dutch master of Waack, Shahin Damka -   

“Anna knows her shit! She is for sure qualified to teach in Tilburg!" 

Anna believes that through Waacking, anyone can achieve an authentic movement style and that by combining their own personality plus feminine/masculine energies one can trigger unique expressions leading to the development of their own individual style. That’s Waacking! 

Come release your inhibitions and WAACK! 


Class Monday’s 20:00-21:15u 
10 euro per lesson
15 euro night pass (combine Waacking with Krump class) 
Cash Only 



KRUMP classes by Lenny Avantaggiato 
Monday's 21:15 - 22:30 


This open class is for beginners and is based on the technical aspectof Krump and its artistic essence. Here you will come into contact with some of the essential basics of KrumpThe class will have not only technical aspects, but Lenny will also help the student understand the foundation of Krump. Each class will begin with technical practice. The remainder of the class will be dedicated to helping the student find their Krump character and how to apply Krump basics to their dance individualityKrump is a powerful form of expression! These classes are a moment of the day where you can release your frustrations through movement and music.

Free yourself from all the negative vibrations around you!


Lenny is a professional dancer from the southern Italy.  

His dance language is based on streets styles, such as Krump and Breaking but he has also studied Contemporary and Ballet. The essence of his artistry is a combination of different dance styles-cultures which he uses as a form of communication on stage.  

Growing up with two different cultures in his family has contributed to his interest in dance fusion, the sense of creating something new. He is greatly influenced by his own regional musical traditions. 

You will find Lenny at battles and choreographic competitions, but he also loves the world of theatre and storytelling. A neutral space, where you can explore and be yourself but also a space where you can bring characters to life.  

Not only is Lenny a dancer, but he is also a music composer and a dance event organizer


Class Monday’s 21:15-22:30
10 euro per lesson
15 euro night pass (combine Krump with Waacking class) 
Cash Only 


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